Materialsscience-Compendium Zirconia

Sebastian Hahnel und andere
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The e-book series "Materials Science Compendium" is a digital reference book that teaches the fundamentals of dental materials science in dentistry and dental technology. Divided into different books, materials currently commonly used in dentistry are presented. 

This first book focuses the zirconia ceramics.

Excerpt from the foreword: "This book breaks new ground. It introduces the reader to aspects of dental materials science in a playful way. In order to keep the main text as simple and readable as possible, we have deliberately avoided further references and detailed explanations in the text flow. If required, these can be accessed via the corresponding icons. 

Short and to the point! A short text guides you through the individual steps in the fabrication of dental restorations and supports the application of the respective material. The entire manufacturing process - from material selection to polishing. 

Materials by materials. Chapter by chapter. Available on demand. Especially dear to our hearts is the exchange between dental technician and dentist, since it is our belief that only through smooth communication can an optimal dental prosthesis be created successfully.

Throughout the book, a glossary answers many questions. Learners can also check their level of knowledge at any time by using the learning function (similar to flashcards).

Numerous illustrations, tables and videos illustrate individual aspects. Individual tips and processing instructions help in tricky situations. There is also basic information for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject. If this is not enough, we recommend the textbooks and/or notes in the appendix. In addition, we provide information from various manufacturers and links to their websites. We are grateful for the support of the companies involved, without which such a project would not be possible.

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