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Bring a piece of the Mediterranean lifestyle into your kitchen, with recipes from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon and many other Mediterranean countries.

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook contains healthy and delicious recipes from what is known to be the most beneficial diet on the planet.

The Mediterranean Diet is a network of the social legacy of the Mediterranean nations. The countries that relied on this diet saw its benefits before any scientific research was conducted. They relied on habits and suggestions dropped down from one generation to another, dating back to ancient Rome and Greece.

Not low in fat or calories, everybody adores it. What's more, there's commonly no calorie, no carb, or full-scale checking required, making it not so much a "diet" in the conventional sense.

It's unbelievably simple to work a couple of increasingly Mediterranean-enlivened dinners into your weekly menu, and this Book has been written to help you with it.

This is what you will find:
The simple steps to easily get started with the Mediterranean DietFlavorful Soups and StewsHealthy Salads and Side DishesMouthwatering Poultry and Meat dishesFresh and flavorsome Fish and Seafood recipesHealthy Desserts and FruitsBONUS: 4-week weight loss meal plan to make your health journey easier
…And much more!

Change your eating routine to improve your shape and health while enjoying delicious meals.

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Kochen, Wein und Gastronomie
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