Mental Reengineering and Thought Redesign: Learn to Reprogram Your Mental Processes and Generate a Personal Reinvention

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Mental Reengineering and Thought Redesign

Learn to reprogram your mental processes and generate a personal reinvention

Extraordinary book on Bio programming and Mental Reengineering that will help you to know the fascinating world of the mind and the redesign of thought processes, in a fantastic journey of professional rediscovery. Which allows you to understand the unlimited power to reprogram our conscious and subconscious mental processes and generate a reengineering or personal redesign. That allows you to develop to the maximum of your human potential and take your life to a next higher level of consciousness.

In this BOOK in its SPECIAL SUMMARY EDITION, you will learn to:

Understand the historical context, the beginnings, and the evolution of Process Reengineering or “Business Process Reengineering (BPR)” and the existing relationship with MENTAL REENGINEERING applied to Personal Reinvention.

Allow an optimal configuration of empowering beliefs and maximize your ability to generate radically positive changes through MENTAL REENGINEERING, which is the art of redesigning, reinventing yourself and creating a new and improved version of yourself.

Have an ACTION PLAN “step by step” and a well-defined life project, which allows you to achieve and conquer your most desired dreams, goals, and objectives through the proposal made by (Hammer and Champy). Currently adapted to the “MENTAL REENGINEERING” or Human Reengineering.

Understand the relationship between the reengineering of business processes and MENTAL REENGINEERING. As a Fundamental Review system of thought patterns that allow the Radical Redesign of our habits and behaviors through the different Mental Thought Processes that provide Spectacular Improvements In all aspects of life.

Know and master the basic principles of mind reengineering and mental programming; incentivizing you to act, make things happen, and begin living an extraordinary, principled life.

MENTAL REENGINEERING is currently a powerful modern methodology of PERSONAL REDESIGN applied in some branches of NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Neuro-Coaching, Psychotherapy and Psychology. As well as in some other fields and disciplines in the DEVELOPMENT OF THE BEING. But originally the term REENGINEERING comes from the “BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY” which were the ones that gave rise to the term “Process Reengineering” also known as “Business Process Reengineering (BPR)”.

The first phase of reengineering was born in the 80s approximately, when several American companies made a RADICAL CHANGE in their respective businesses through the REDESIGN OF THEIR BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESSES. At the time, this novel approach was emerging, and its various business and organizational applications were limited to only a few North American corporations.

At present, thanks to the advances that NLP or NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING has had together with the most recent Scientific Investigations of the last decades relating to Human Potential; and the most experimental artists of Psychotherapy and Modern focused Psychology, emphasized using Mind Technology. Applying “PROCESS REENGINEERING” to “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT” has produced extraordinary results.

The Fundamental Review and Redesign of the Mental Processes in individuals that are carried out using MENTAL REENGINEERING are intended to allow people to achieve Spectacular Improvements both in the transformation of the BEING and in the restructuring of paradigms and mental reprogramming to increase capacity. To produce effective results in the development of the maximum human potential.

It is for this reason; that today, MENTAL REENGINEERING is one of the most powerful tools that exists today to radically modify the mental structures of thought and significantly change the limiting and self-sabotaging brain systems that for years had prevented us from achieving optimal results.

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18. November
Ylich Tarazona

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