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Now includes 2 time travel books!

The impossible happens, 500 light-seconds out from Earth. Paymonia, a trader on the probability exchange, can't believe her feed: Steve Jobs, Ada Lovelace, and William Shockley have returned and are working together.

For the first time, now includes the complete 2nd story, featuring Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie.

Interview with the Author
Q - Where did the idea for these books come from?
A - Not long after we lost Steve Jobs, someone said that he would probably come to fill a similar role in fiction as Nikola Tesla. That struck a strong chord with me. With the Silicon Valley angle established, the very colorful character of William Shockley came in as well. But the story needed something else, a character with a very different take on the multiverse...

Q - How did you come to include Ada Lovelace?
A - Earlier drafts of the first book had Marie Curie as one of the protagonists. But as the idea grew from just one story into an entire series, I realized that Curie would be important to the series longer-term. I did a lot of research into Ada Lovelace--read all her published letters. The more I read, the more I knew she had to be part of this. She was absolutely brilliant. It was only a short stretch to make her into a superhero.

Q - So you are working on book 3 and beyond in the series?
A - That depends on my readers! I have the next story in the series done, but beyond that it's still open. One thing readers can to is visit my web site and let me know what they'd like to read.

Q - Why should readers give this series a try?
A - The Time Travel Geek-out books are written for geeks, by a geek. It includes a very sympathetic depiction of autistic characters, with a mix of historical accuracy and rollicking adventure. In the end, this is a celebration of geek culture. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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