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Iren Dornier, grandson of the legendary aircraft engineer Claude Dornier, first sits in the cockpit of the Do-24 as a young 12 year-old boy. He decides then, that he will pilot this flying boat himself one day. A great dream, especially since the machine will be taken out of service, ending up as an exhibit in a museum. Iren Dornier manages to buy her back and goes on to prove that the virtually impossible really can be achieved if we set our minds to it.

In risky conditions he makes this unique example of a type Do-24 flying boat flyable once again and sets off with it around the world. Whether they land on the Hudson River, the Copacabana, Lake Constance or the River Rhine, the silver beauty wins the hearts of everyone who sees her. The photographs of their journey come together in a spectacular picture book, an ode to aluminium and to the courage of a modern flying pioneer, who is constantly driven by the most important lesson taught him by his grandfather: never to give up if he wants to fulfil his own dreams. 

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