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This compilation of books are all clean Cozy Mystery short stories that do not contain any foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events. 

Book One  - A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Violet owns and operates the only natural foods grocery store and bakery in town. Customers are always stopping by to ask her for help finding herbal remedies and natural products to help them live a healthier life. One morning while opening her store, the local Police showed up to ask a few questions about one of her customers that died from a suspicious death. 

Could it be murder?

Book Two - Murder On the Mountain

With Christmas just a short time away and snow covering the mountains, business is booming for Mother Earth's Kitchen. Local folks are always welcoming friends and families into their home for the holidays to ski, hike or to just take in the beautiful scenery.  The winter always brings out the adventurous types.

Could someone actually commit murder in such a beautiful place on the mountain?


Book Three - New Year's Resolution

With New Year fast approaching Violet decides it's might be time to hire another person to help out in the store. There's been a comfortable increase in sales over the past year, so maybe adding a new employee would be the logical thing to do. The thought of changing her daily routine and adding more staff is more than she wants to consider, but Rex is going back to college and she can't handle the store by herself. 

Even hiring a new employee may be difficult, will be murder?

Book Four - The Heart Of The Murder

The winter snow has now faded into cold rain. Violet and Carly are busy decorating the store with organic chocolates in those adorable heart shaped boxes. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and love is in the air. Carly thinks it might be time to help Violet find a date for Valentine’s Day, even though Violet seems to be more interested in replacing the dated flooring in the store.

Will Valentine's Day be murder?

Book Five - The Luck Of The Irish

St Patrick's Day is just a few days away. Most of the downtown Elkridge business owners are participating in the St Patrick's Day Festival by setting up booths to sell their wares.  Main street will be open only for foot traffic and since most of the visitors will be looking for Irish food and green beer,  Violet decided to close Mother Earth's Kitchen and join the fun this year.

What could possibly go wrong during such a fun festive occasion?

Book Six - The Luck Of The Irish

After the recent death of another proprietor in the small town of Elkridge Violet decided it was time to invest in a security system for Mother Earth's Kitchen.  Violet was assured that even with her lack of technology skills this new gadget should bring her peace of mind.

Will the new security system give her the peace of mind she's looking for, or could it result another dead body?

Book Seven - Midsummer Murder

Violet and her friend Maura the local banker decided go out Elkridge Park to watch the Fourth of July fireworks display. The explosive colors in the evening sky were magnificent and the local restaurant vendor wares were amazing.

How could anyone know that the local bank was about to be robbed?

Krimis und Thriller
9. April
99 Cent Press

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