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Do you want to be more effective at one thing or all things, perhaps like a fictional character or how you think a real person is who you admire? Do you want to have an idea about China and why it's in the news every day? Do you want to do business in the East?
This book looks at these points. Attempting to 'move beyond the monkey mind'. What actually works and how to do it. The West can do many things, but the mysterious East is constantly in our peripheral vision. Using ideas of the east with the ideas of the west to help thinking and acting is the theme of this book. As the West have been dominant it was easy to ignore the East and how they were massive forces before the recent past and are threatening to grow again!
Inside are chapters that look at both perspectives and how to join them using the strengths of both traditions together. In the west many do not understand or trust science while relying on it to make their lives rich and comfortable. Using the ideas of science and the perspectives of the east to gain knowledge and thinking skills to improve performance in understanding, decision making and in action.
The book offers an introduction of the whats, hows and the whys of being effective, with a basic background it offers both the principles and concepts (Roots) of east and west, and essays on the application (Branches) of those principles in many areas of life. They discuss the parts that are essential and how they link together. The common errors that lead to misunderstanding and bad decisions, that then lead to ineffective action are discussed. Links to more in-depth study are also included to keep developing yourself and the ideas contained within. The book is a broad starting point to becoming more effective in all things.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
8. Mai
Richard Lander

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