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Lori Gottlieb suggests the unthinkable: what if she, and single women everywhere, need to stop chasing the elusive Mr Perfect and instead opt for Mr Good Enough?

Embarking on her own journey to find the ideal partner, Lori explores a prevalent issue facing women today - how do you reconcile a strong desire for a husband and family without wanting to settle for anything less than the perfect package…?

After interviewing a range of people from behavioural therapists to marriage counsellors, neuropsychologists to divorce lawyers, as well as single and married men and women from their twenties right up to their sixties, Lori is well placed to offer an answer

Mr Good Enough is this year's intelligent, eye-opening insight into modern relationships - a fast, funny read which 'might just be a formula for marital bliss' The Times

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‘If it’s a conventional happy ending you want…then I urge you to take heed of what Lori Gottlieb has to say.’ Charlotte Metcalf, Daily Mail.

‘Wow, has this one divided the Grazia office! Romantics versus Realists…’ Grazia Daily

‘She’s certainly on to something…’ Ed West, Daily Telegraph

‘Part The Rules and part Malcom Gladwellian sociopop, Mr Good Enough is surprisingly, unnervingly convincing.’ Oprah Magazine

‘We cut our coat according to our cloth in life and should do exactly the same in love. Of course, the miraculous thing about opting for Mr Second Best is that the moment you open your heart to the possibility of loving him…you’ll wonder why you didn’t realise he was a top of the range model all along.’ Vanessa Feltz, Daily Express

‘What Lori Gottlieb is saying isn’t subversive - it’s smart. A thoroughly entertaining reality check, it will make single women laugh and squirm, and married people appreciate their spouses even more.’ Diablo Cody, Oscar-winning screen writer of Juno.

About the author

Lori Gottlieb is an American author and journalist who writes for New York Times, Elle and Glamour amongst others and is a regular radio commentator. She attended Yale and Stanford Medical School before settling as a writer. Mr Good Enough is her fourth book.

28. Juli

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