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My Struggle is a three part book of one man’s struggle to understand this complex world, its meaning and our purpose for being here, because he has taken the view that we are not creatures of some random freak natural accident!
My Struggle is composed as a polemical metafiction written in easy style and simple language about the Illuminati. The book incisively and comprehensively tells the story like never before of the formation of the illuminati since its beginning in the first age!
The story lucidly tracks, traces, unwinds and simplifies the complex role, secret codes and functions of the secretive Illuminati whose giant tentacles on the one hand stretches deeper than you can ever imagine from ancient times into every known fiendish criminal activity and organization on this planet. The Illuminat’s concept and influence has led to the formation of governments, religion and its pivotal role in organized paedophilia, crime, economics disciplines, truth suppression, UFO’s and so much more is made unveiled! 
Unsealed on the other hand are Illuminati’s pervasive control mechanisms akin to a tap root that invades our minds, body’s  including our very souls robbing us of our lifeblood which is our true individuality and energies!
This compelling book, My Struggle comprehensively draws out the secretive pure evil shadowy Illuminati’s illusion like never before, as this organization urgently vies for our total control and destruction through science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).This book outlines the flimsy fraudulent nature of science and AI by comparing it to ancient arcane disciplines.
The original manuscript was stolen via a slick Cyber Attack from the author’s computer almost on the exact moment and day of its completion by one of the largest technological organizations on the planet as reported by one of the own who blew the whistle! Read redacted open leter at the end of book.
 My Struggle ought to come with a warning… Read it now and your life may never be the same ever again!        

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16. Dezember
Ash bunsee

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