Nature as Teacher – New Principles in the Working of Nature

Volume 2 of Eco-Technology Series

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Today we are standing helpless and perplexed. With no glimmer of improvement anywhere in sight, we feel hopelessly propelled towards a forlorn future. It is understandable therefore than an increasing number of people, sick and tired of this insane activity, are now seeking ways to return to Mother Nature.
Viktor Schauberger (1885–1958)

Nature as Teacher, the second volume of the Eco-Technology series which presents the original, passionate and convincing research of Viktor Schauberger in translation for the first time, looks at the ways in which we can return to the vital natural cycles that have been interrupted by modern unthinking technologies.

Schauberger was a pioneering genius who combined keen observation of Nature with intuitive brilliance and a sharp engineer’s brain. One of the first genuine environmentalists, he was predicting ecological catastrophe in the 1930s when no-one else could see it coming. Schauberger’s predictions are now being proven right. He foresaw:

Global warming and its devastating consequencesIncreasing violence and lawlessness as the direct result of destructive methods which block Nature’s energies and balance.The destruction of the world’s forests and ecosystems.A fearless exponent of natural energy who revelled in doing battle with contemporary orthodox scientists, his work is enjoying a worldwide revival because he was able to convey how an understanding of Nature’s subtle energies is essential to our survival. This, and the fact that he developed free energy machines by harnessing the magical processes of Nature, has made Viktor Schauberger truly a man of our times.

Following the success of The Water Wizard, Nature as Teacher details Schauberger’s thinking about environmental catastrophe. It includes correspondence with contemporaries and, in particular, his feelings of frustration at the blindness of those in mainstream science who seemed to him to be more concerned with their own welfare and their pride than with the fate of humanity.

This volume gives tremendous insight into what is happening on the Earth today and presents practical solutions on how we may yet save our precious world. Most telling is Schauberger’s elucidation of the vital natural cycles that modern unthinking technologies have interrupted and harmed, sometimes irreparably.

The Eco-Technology series makes available for the first time Viktor Schauberger’s original writings and passionate debates. Callum Coats has painstakingly collected, translated and edited the material for what promises to be the most definitive study yet of this extraordinary man’s life and work.
Nature as Teacher: Table of Contents
Introduction by Callum Coats
Our Senseless Toil (1933)Nature as TeacherThe First Ecotechnical PracticeThe Genesis of WaterOn Energy, Eggs and Natural motionOrganic Syntheses

Wissenschaft und Natur
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