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The Naughty But Nice Collection offers over 43,000 words of hot, steamy content in four sizzling stories. The collection includes sexy alpha male heroes, seductive heroines, and explicit erotic scenes that will warm you on the coldest of nights.Stories Include: The Marine's Naughty Neighbour, Seducing Blake, The Virgin's Webcam Show and Doing Her For The Boss. Mirror Editions: The Mirror Editions line of books is the non-taboo (mainstream erotica) versions of some of Terry Towers' bestselling taboo works. If you have already purchased the Taboo versions of these stories please do not purchase this collection.The Marine's Naughty Neighbour (Mirror Edition)NOTE: Reworked edition of the novelette, "The Marine's Naughty Sister"Nate is shocked to find his normally conservative neighbour at a local bar performing a table dance for a number of men from his Marine Corps Unit. Angered and aroused by her actions Nate takes her back to his place to sober her up. Can Nate resist the sexy and determined Eve when she decides she wants him to show her how a Marine gets the job done? Ooh-rah!Length: approx 10,500 wordsDoing Her For The Boss (Mirror Edition)NOTE: Reworked edition of previously published novelette, "Doing Her For Dad."Eric has been asked an unusual favour by his boss and mentor. Spend a few days attending to the needs and desires of Frank's new bride, a hot young sex-addicted woman named Gia, while he's away on business. Eric is hesitant, but when Frank sweetens the deal by offering him a substantial amount of money to keep Gia entertained how could he refuse?Length: approx 10,000 wordsThe Virgin's Webcam Show (Mirror Edition)NOTE: Reworked version of "Little Virgin Sister's Webcam Show"Reese is young, smart and sexy, and she has a plan for paying her way through college; she's going to host her own webcam sex show. However, she's missing a critical ingredient - a man to perform with her. When a close family friend is laid off from his construction job her parents offer him a place to stay - until he gets back on his feet. Will he be willing to take her virginity and perform on webcam for the world to see?Length: approx 12,000 wordsSeducing Blake (Mirror Edition)NOTE: Reworked edition of previously published novelette, "All For Daddy."Vivian has had a crush on her father's sexy best friend for years, so when she moves to Boston to attend college her father sets her up to live with Blake - for a while. After living with Blake for a few months, Vivian thinks that the attraction she feels for him may be mutual; that is until he doesn't come home one night because he was with another woman! Vivian decides it's time to become proactive in getting what she wants - namely, Blake.Length: 11,000 words

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29. Mai
Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing

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