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Sometimes very good girls do very naughty things.

Julie's Obsession: I had become obsessed. For years I had a bit of a crush on Mike, just because he was cute and older, but one night I had walked in on him unnoticed while he was working out in the basement. I stood for several minutes and watched the play of his muscles under his smooth skin, glistening under a thin sheen of sweat, and that crush turned into something else that wasn’t remotely schoolgirl-like. After that night I was determined. I wanted Mike Ward and I was going to do whatever I had to do to get him. I was going to have to knock him off balance and keep him there long enough for his little head to take over doing the thinking and figure out that I was not a little girl anymore at all.

Educating Amy: When eighteen-year-old Amy catches herself fantasizing about her hot chemistry teacher during sex with her boyfriend, she decides that enough is enough. She has had it with messing around with boys and decides to find a real man to play with - someone who will appreciate what she has to offer and make her feel like a woman. But Eric knows that kind of taboo relationship can jeopardize his job and convincing him won't be easy. Can Amy prove that the chemistry is there for them if Eric will just give her a little one-on-one tutoring?
Sophie's Desire:

Sophie’s summer job as a nanny seems perfect. The kids are wonderful, the money is great, and the kid’s dad, Brent, is the best boss she has ever had. He’s also the sexiest, despite being old enough to be her father, and her nineteen-year-old body goes wild with desire whenever he’s around. When he’s not around she sneaks into his room and tries to soothe the burning ache inside her on his bed while wearing a shirt with his cologne on it. But Brent seems oblivious to her young charms, and Sophie is so hot and bothered she can't think straight. Will she ever find a way to make Brent see her as a woman instead of just the off-limits young nanny?

Megan's Halloween Treat:

When Megan went away to college she swore that she was going to forget all about Kevin Simmons. Four years later she's back and surprised to find that her feelings for the man she used to babysit for are still very much alive. But this time Kevin is divorced and maybe he's not so far out of reach as he once was. When a chance meeting in the supermarket proves that he can still make her weak in the knees with just a smile she grabs the chance to push herself back into his life. Can Megan turn herself into a tempting Halloween treat that Kevin won't be able to refuse?

Belletristik und Literatur
November 6
Pink Parts Press

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