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Naughty Parents Baby Escapades

Tess would like to be a perfect mummy with a perfect husband and perfect children. But with a third child on the way, things get ridiculously chaotic.

Warning: this book may cause laughter.

Naughty Mummy Gets Stretch Marks

Tess is feeling fat and ugly, particularly when her son tells her she looks like a stegosaurus. But Tess’s neighbour has a plan that will make her forget her son’s comments, and send her hormones racing.

Naughty Mummy and the Nervous Birth

There are some days when you shouldn’t get out of bed - let alone give birth. Besides, Tess is only seven months pregnant so she couldn’t possibly go into labour in front of an audience. Or could she?

Naughty Mummy Refuses to Cooperate

Tess doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. She seems to have lost her Mummy certificate. If she can just escape for a few days, or maybe a few years, she’s sure she’ll be all right.

Naughty Mummy’s New Business Venture

Tess loves being a mother. Well, most days. But she needs a new challenge in her life. So she deliberately ignores her husband’s advice and sets up a new - illegal - business.

Naughty Parents Cash in on Their Kids

Tess is delighted with her kids’ photos. She can see them raking in the dollars as Instagram models, until a family emergency has her coming up with a better scheme. 

15. November
Mummies Anonymous

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