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While walking with my wife through a Target store recently, we noticed a mother with her teenage son walking in the direction toward us. That was not all we noticed. This mother was in her early forties and her son a teenager. Her leggings were so tight that there was no imagination needed. What she needed was to read this book. At a local restaurant, there was a family of four eating at a table. The daughter wasn’t eating all her food, and the mother told her, “You are losing your allowance if you do not eat your taco.” Crying ensued and the mother kept berating this little girl even worse. I was ready to give her the five dollars for her allowance myself. This was not the time or the place to teach a little girl her mother’s views on dining out. What she needed was to read this book. At another eatery, we noticed a man sitting in a booth by himself. After he finished his meal, he took a dental floss pick and started to clean his teeth. I mean all his teeth. He went in between the molars and incisors and front teeth, uppers and lowers. It was disgusting. I bet he has all thirty-two teeth, but he obviously needed to read this book. Naw, These Aren’t My Pants. I Borrowed Them will help educate the next generation on the fine values and characteristics that make up a decent, moral, hardworking citizen. It will also help older generations remember what was important and what is still important in our society.

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