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All Globusters had awoken from their state of stasis, including the ones inside Uluru Station after the mysterious tachyon impulse was released. Hassan Khalil, a systems analytical engineer, who was working inside one of the captured Globuster lenses, was trapped and subjected to its estranged technology. Even though the agitator was defeated and the Globuster threat inside Uluru Station was thwarted off, a much more dangerous situation prevails on the planetoid Sedna. A gigantic extraterrestrial station was found on this remote Kuiper object together with an enormous alien mothership and – hundreds of Globusters! Igor Petrow’s team is not just encountering the Globusters on Sedna, but also a totally unknown second species, which does not seem to be connected with the Globusters. These blue-skinned extraterrestrials, called Matrix Architects for the time being, seem to be foreign bodies in this Globuster environment. Due to the vast differences between the Blues and the Globuster technologies, it stands to reason that the Globusters were not the builders of this gigantic station and everything points to the Matrix Architects. 

Petrow and his team are trapped!

Suddenly, the Neptune tachyon portal shows activity and an unknown, yet powerful being steps through the portal’s pillars. This prompts the still remaining Trox to desperately call for help. Totally unexpected, Humanity is faced with a new alien, who, on the other hand, has lots of expectations. He is …

The Genorantan Prophet

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
4. Juni
Thomas Rabenstein

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