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In ‘NEED A CAB?!, The Wild Times and Misadventures of a Newbie Cab Driver,’ join Monrovian Wuss (Money, for short),a newcomer to the profession, as he whisks and wafts you along the cab-driving journey of one escapade after another, mostly hilarious but a few precarious moments.  The character-driven, quick-paced story involves colorful characters and odd, outlandish situations.

At Regal Taxi, Money is tricked by cowboys into riding a wild bronco, transports a cheerleader squad not shy in revealing skin, and escorts an almost-deaf elderly lady with a voice whinier than a two ton rusty door hinge.  During his employment with Yellow Taxi, he delivers a plastered air traffic controller to the airport, making him vow he’ll never fly again, while on another run he questions his sanity after experiencing the effects of a ventriloquist.  American Taxi offers little relief from the abnormal or weird, only this time the deviance isn’t pertinent to passengers: a dispatcher calls him ‘Toots’ and a fellow driver has a manic reaction of clapping once, bending over and bark-laughing over anything the least bit funny.  Money eventually forms his own Wild Hare Taxi--one cab, one driver--and survives even zanier characters and events: preventing his cab from being towed by a transplanted Mainer, navigating German-speaking tennis players to their destination and battling trouble-making fellow cabdrivers.  Money moves to Alaska intent on driving cab in the winter and building his own wilderness cabin in the summer, wondering whether he can withstand the call of the wild over the demands of making a living in crazier circumstances.

Sprinkled and layered throughout are social commentaries concerning designers and their designs, common sense and pragmatism, the fact that we all have our own demons, devils and peccadilloes, and the plain simple truth that things just aren’t always as they seem.

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19. Juni
First Edition Design Publishing