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Tina Chapel is newly married, after a whirlwind romance with her new husband, Dave. The two have known each other for only four months total, so they still have a lot to learn about their new life partners.
Curious to find out everything about her wonderful Dave that she can, Tina glances through his private e-mails one night and notices some letters back and forth between Dave and a girl named Candy. Reading them, Tina finds that this Candy is urging Dave to return to his old lifestyle, the one he enjoyed so much before he met and fell in love with straight-laced, prim and proper Tina.
It seems that Dave, a very shocked Tina learns, used to be a swinger! Not even really sure what a swinger is, she downs a few glasses of wine that evening and confronts him about his past life.
And thus begins Tina’s journey through the wild, erotic, forbidden world of swinging. Incredibly naive and inexperienced in all matters sexual before meeting the charming, oh, so seductive Dave, Tina is soon drawn into hotter, more tempestuous couplings with her husband than she ever dreamed existed, as she demands to know more and more about the swinger lifestyle and just what goes on at those debauched parties.
One thing soon leads to another, and Tina finds herself hungering to know what actual swinging is really like. Can a goody-goody girl like her really bring herself to…swing?
And if she does, will she ever be content to go back to her old sedate, conservative lifestyle? Or will swinging ruin her life and her marriage?
Is it worth the risk, just to satisfy her growing need to know all there is to know about sex, and what those hedonistic, wicked swingers do at those wanton orgies that Dave seems to miss so much? Will Tina have the courage to take the plunge and find out for herself?

Belletristik und Literatur
21. November
C.K. Ralston

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