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North and Kray are like a unit, where there's one, there's the other. When they both accepted a case involving a missing agent, it became more involved than they bargained for.

Reva might have been rescued from the black market syndicate, but she's left with scars that need healing inside and out.

North's only two goals are to take care of Reva, and to end everyone who were responsible of holding her captive. Will North and Reva find justice and their happily ever after? Or is North too consumed with revenge he risks his life along with others in the process?

The complete Broken Deeds MC series can be read together or separately. Each book in the Broken Deeds MC series is a complete standalone story featuring a new couple. Except for Kray and North. They are like a unit, where  there's one, there's the other. As are their stories; you read one,  you'll need the other.
For a greater reading experience, recommended reading order:
"Deeds" Broken Deeds MC book one
"Broke" Broken Deeds MC book two
"Depay" Broken Deeds MC book three
"Unforgiving" Broken Deeds MC book four
"Chopper" Broken Deeds MC book 4.5
"Lochlan" Broken Deeds MC book five
"Leaving The Past Behind" Broken Deeds MC book 5.5
"Kray" Broken Deeds MC book six
"North" Broken Deeds MC book seven

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6. September
Esther E. Schmidt

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