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In the near future, as the Human Race starts to make breakthroughs into deep space exploration, earth is visited by their nearest neighbours, the Kaani.
The Kaani want to size us up, before welcoming us into the interstellar community. Unfortunately, we don't quite measure up to their exacting standards. War, poverty and inequality are considered too prevalent within our society for us to be let loose on the universe.
The Kaani decide to share some of their knowledge with us, hoping that with a slight nudge we will get our act together.
Humanity then embarks upon a golden era, making real steps forward towards solving our most fundamental problems. But it isn't too long before the bad behaviour kicks back in and humanity is back to square one.
When the Kaani visit us again, we are not ready to welcome them back, but instead react violently to their arrival. Of course we are no match for their far superior technology and our defenses are compromised easily.
The Kaani, fortunately, are not interested in conquering us, but instead want to educate us. Therefore, they decide to take a selection of our children to their home-world on a fact-finding mission.
Johnathon and Cleetus are among this group of children and we follow their adventures as they explore their own humanity and question whether or not we can ever measure up to the exacting standards of the Kaani.
What starts of as a humorous look at what it means to be human, gradually gets darker as we explore how our failures as a society may be linked to hierarchies and power structures. Is the key to a free and peaceful society the rejection of accepted authority, and how will those with power react to their way of life being threatened?

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
24. April

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