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Follow one woman’s non-traditional path in the space industry as she guides and encourages anyone who has ever dreamed about life in outer space.

In this candid science memoir and career guide, aerospace science professional Kellie Gerardi offers an inside look into the industry beginning to eclipse Silicon Valley. Whether you have a space science degree or are looking to learn about stars and the solar system, Not Necessarily Rocket Science proves there’s room for anyone who is passionate about exploration.

With a space background and a mission to democratize access to space, this female astronaut candidate offers a front row seat to the final frontier. From her adventures training for Mars to testing spacesuits in microgravity, this unique handbook provides inspiration and guidance for aspiring astronauts everywhere. Look inside for answers to questions like: Will there be beer on Mars?Why do I need to do one-handed pushups in microgravity?How can I possibly lose a fortune in outer space?
Praise for Not Necessarily Rocket Science

“Blasts readers onto a rocket-fueled journey through space and time, the perfect primer for the next space age.” —Zara Stone, author of The Future of Science is Female

“Kellie is probably one of the best ambassadors for spaceflight in the 21st century that the industry could have.” —Lucy Hawking, author of George’s Secret Key to the Universe and host of Audible’s Lucy in the Sky.

“Unique and compelling . . . will appeal to anyone whose dreams are larger than the limitations others try to wrap them in. Gerardi is informed, inspiring, and full of humanity, as she takes readers on a personal journey into what it means to be a fully signed-up member of the space age. A must-read for space-dreamers everywhere!” —Andrew Maynard, Author of Future Rising

“Space may seem like a pretty intimidating place, open only to fighter pilots or brilliant engineers. But if humans are to ever settle worlds beyond Earth, it will take all kinds to make a society. That's where Not Necessarily Rocket Science comes in?a book that makes space accessible and fun, while showing readers where the front door is . . . . Kellie Gerardi deftly offers a sampling of the possible careers in space while helping those who are intrigued find their own pathway. Space needs more engineers, sure. But as Gerardi ably writes, it needs poets too.” —Eric Berger, senior space editor at Ars Technica

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