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ENTER, where ghosts steal cars; thieves get sweet revenge; a 1930s-detective is torn between the law and love; and an elemental General gets caught in the line of duty, where integrity challenges morality, all for a warrior princess.

The first story, “Cursed Hearse,” finds two ghostly sisters who just want to be part of something. In their case, the bigwig ghost society. The price of admission: Steal the legendary Ghost Car out from under the Exorcist’s nose and joyride it all night to haunt the living. Abby thinks it’s worth possible exorcism, but Cos, no so much. And, definitely not when they’re face to face with him!

“Thieves Among Honor” shares the tale of Marie and Sammie, a woman and teenager bent on avenging Sammie’s late parents. They decide to swipe the possessions of the man who caused the untimely demise of the couple, but when push comes to shove, the pressure may just break even the deep bond of their family.

In the semi-noir “Oh, These Walls, Kid,” a 1930s-hotel room sets up Jimmy and Elaine, a classic detective-falls-for-femme-fatale duo. While Jimmy is torn between his comfort with Elaine and following the law, she just wants to escape. Written in the style of a Bob-and-Wheel poem-turned flash fiction, each stanza builds upon the last, to create tension and revelation.

General Kry For-Me Slaine stars in two stories: “Paths That Bind: A MINIon” and “The Minion.” He isn’t a typical General, although he looks human, there is something strange in his veins Under the large, dark, tough exterior lies a golden heart—one that pits morality against duty. He leads his boss’s army to reclaim his people’s land from other kingdoms in a world where archaic meets ultramodern. “The Minion” speaks of balance; loyalty to one’s duty and heart and the miniature side story, “Paths That Bind,” provides a glimpse into Kry’s past before he defies nations.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
1. November
Robyn Lloyd