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Book Description: Oops A Rogue Got Me Pregnant!  - 5 Historical AND Erotic Fertility Short Stories

Total word count 22,596.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

 Her Lady’s Gift

Annabel finds herself in a frustrating situation when she is married off to Gregory, a rich and powerful Lord who is old enough to be her grandfather and has no interest in coming to her bed so she can bear him an heir and secure her status as the first lady of her new province.

She thinks her situation is hopeless until Lord Gregory bestows a mysterious gift upon her, a gift that she can only retrieve it she ventures out on a journey with only Lord Gregory’s trusted General Tristan as her companion.

Taken by the Warrior King

The invaders came to take over the land looking proud and fierce and appearing like giants among normal men. None more so than their leader the ruggedly handsome and determined Warrior King.

Lydia is already aware of the invaders grand plans to seek out brides to become their wives and bear them children when she is summoned.

Lady Harriet’s Lover

Harriet cannot believe her good fortune when she inherits a large estate from her late uncle, and despite the remoteness of her new home she cannot think of living anywhere else. She thought she had wanted for nothing at that point, until the rugged, handsome Mr Duncan Smith literally comes thrusting into her life as he applies for a job as her steward.

It is not long before Harriet is fully prepared to give herself completely to Duncan and allow her dashing steward to show her all the sensual pleasures that she has been missing!

Taking Care of the Rake

Charlotte finds herself frustrated with her strong feelings for Jason, a notorious rake who takes very little notice of her, as she remains overshadowed by his countless female admirers. That is not to mention the other delicate matter of Jason being one of her brother's closet friends.

She just cannot work out what to do to gain his attention. Until, that is, Jason is involved in a riding accident which finds him confined to a bedroom within Charlotte's home. This gives Charlotte just the opportunity she needs to nurse him back to full health and show him that she has grown up from that awkward unsure girl he had once known, to a passionate woman who yearns to be satisfied in the arms of an expert lover.

Punished by the General

Richard of Doncaster, the King’s devilishly handsome General, has summoned Tara to his quarters to be personally punished by him.

Tara is none the wiser of what form her punishment will take, but when she arrives at the General ‘s door ready to accept her fate,  she becomes conscious of his wicked, intensely dark eyes looking upon her like a wolf to its prey, leaving Tara feeling all hot and flustered. 

Even more surprisingly, she soon finds a big part of her is actually looking forward to being punished most thoroughly at the General’s hands!

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