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Life is such a fickle beast. One that we take for granted.

Until it's too late and you're trapped in a place that not even your darkest imagination could conjure.

It's too late for regrets.

Too late for what ifs.

Too late to be saved.

Or is it?

Dive into 10 intense, emotional, fictional romantic suspense stories intended to bring the issue of human trafficking out of the shadows and into the light.

Sadly, the buying and selling of people is the fastest growing criminal industry on the planet. There are approximately forty million victims of human trafficking globally.

Only one percent of victims are ever rescued.

All proceeds will be donated to Thorn, who build tools to defend children from sexual abuse.

Stories by the following authors 

Jane Blythe

Ryleigh Sloan

India R. Adams

Patricia D Eddy

Amanda Siegrist

Emily Gray

Lindsay Becs

Louise Dawn

Dani René

Anna Blakely

3. November
Jane Blythe


Nati11780 ,

Review for: Safety for Viana (Part 1) by Emily Gray.

Emily's Book is inducing Nail-Biting and Tear-Shedding and... whoa! you want her Characters to have a HEA... you try to will them to have a HEA... (and, God, i hope the'll get it sometime in the Future!)

Emily has the ability to write her Characters in a way, that you feel like you are there with them... like you ARE them.

the Book left me feeling raw in a Way... and still, i can't wait for Part 2.

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