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So, I get it, you hate your day job. You would rather sip all day on a Mai Tai while riding a dolphin backward although the instructor tolled you not to do so. You little rebel. Or maybe you would rather spend your time on your large 50 foot sail boat in the Caribbean. Turquoise blue waters. Pearl white beaches. The water is crystal clear you can see all the way to the bottom of the riff. No one to bother you. No viscous boss. Yeah that guy from the office “you know his name, yes the same one you can’t stand,” he is not there either. I know you hate

him so much I can feel the heat right through the pages. But... let’s get back to you boat. The ocean is like oil. It’s so quiet; there is not even a drop of wind. Suddenly luckily for you a gentle gust of wind comes through and gets a little nudge at your sails. It’s all fine cause the autopilot takes care of it and the boat is back at the right direction. You are a master of it all. No reports and other nonsense. No little snobs with meetings schedules to waste your time. No politics. Just you and the ocean. Suddenly a little commotion occurs in the water. You run to bow and what a pleasant surprise. About 7 dolphins are jumping up and down racing with the boat and having even more fun than you. Now your sails are full of wind and nice and tight. You are picking up a little   speed.   You   are   kind   of   excited.   So   far   you’ve   been   averaging around 1k a day trading Forex, hopping from one marina to the other. You are not too far from your next daily stop. In a matter of fact you are just passed Necker Island “you know where the billionaires hang with Richard Branson.” If you keep it going like you have and scale it up a bit you will be visitor to that island too. But Necker or not you as

happy   as   a   clam.   A   fellow   boat   comes   by.   The   captain   is   casually waving his hand at you. You can see his big smile and worm eye gaze. Well it’s almost that time of the day. You can see the marina in the far left. As you get closer and closer the dock master starts jumping up and down getting your slip ready.  Like a little obedient drone, he pulls few   ropes,   does   couple   of   half   hitched   ties   and   your   boat   is   finely secured.   Most   of   the   people   would   think   the   hardest   thing   about trading is finding the right trade. Not in Tortola. As you already know the hardest thing is finding a good internet connection. It’s a piece of cake for you. You’ve done it hundreds of times. There is no better WiFi anywhere than at the little marina bar. You change quickly and take a nice spot at the bar. What a nice surprise. You are up $900 today on a short trade on EUR/USD. The talking head and Bernanke did their job well. The mob was so excited. They took the price up, just before some stupid announcement of the big heads. However you knew better. Buy

the rumor; sell the fact. Well you just sold the fact and it paid well. In fact it paid so well you are about to get a second glass of something that comes with  little umbrella on top. You know one  of those nice “pain-killers” they can make only around here. Well it’s time to do it again. Place you next trade and get off line. After all you are in control. No boss to scream at you!

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16. November
Trader X

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