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After fucking Frankenstein, the Pack Pals narrowly escape the guard as they sneak into the castle. While exploring the place, they chance upon a dungeon and detect Louis' scent. They need to find him. But when the perverted Dungeon Master refuses to divulge this much-needed information, the Pack Pals opt to turn the tables and dominate it out of him! [WARNING: This 4200 word paranormal bdsm experience contains explicit scenes described in graphic language, oral sex, anal sex, gay sex, bdsm, double penetration, sex toy use and much more! Adults only.] Excerpt: I couldn't see real clearly, but I still could make out the words "DUNGEON MASTER" branded into his upper back. The numerous scars on his body didn't exactly help his image either. From a certain standpoint, he seemed like the ultimate creation; sacrificing his own body for his art. I'd shed tears of admiration for him, but given our situation it would be best if we escaped first. "What the fuck is that thing…" I growled as softly as I could. "Fuck if I know." Stefan growled back. His own tears fell onto the dusty dungeon floor. Was he as sympathetic as me? I briefly glanced at him and immediately regretted doing so. I had never seen him so pissed off in my life. So they were tears of rage. "Pal, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Shit, why did I get this sinking feeling that we wouldn't be moving on from here unnoticed? "Stefan, no. Just… no." "Think of the horrible things he probably did to Louis. Pal, who knows what the fuck this pervert might have done to my dad?!" he growl almost grew loud enough into a bark. "Uhhh! Yeah!" We both stared at the dungeon master in surprise. He laid across a wooden table, sticking the dildo on his left arm into his ass and moaning in pleasure. He didn't seem to notice us, yet. "Motherfucker!" Stefan got up and made his way over to the pervert before I could stop him. "Hey! You think you're tough shit?! I bet you had fun with Louis too! Well, tell you what, by the time I'm done with you, we're going to pay you back for everything you probably did to him!" The dungeon master was surprised by our presence. Startled, he fell of the table he was on, collapsing onto the grimy dungeon floor with a heavy thud. Obviously he wasn't expecting any visitors today. "Pal, get the hell over here, we're gonna teach this sick fuck a lesson he'll never forget!"

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22. Mai
Annabel Bastione

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