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Darcy Platt is not living the life she had imagined she would be living. Her life is just OK – a mediocre job, a semi-stylish apartment, a loyal best friend, and one lovely dog. Going through the motions has become her normal. She does have a bad habit though – one that she finds gratifying but is embarrassed of. A habit that thrills her but is taboo for someone her age. She can't even say it out loud but she does it every day.

Reading Teen Fiction.

She knows she shouldn't but she does. It's an addiction - and she can't help it. She would give anything to be the heroine in the books she idolizes where the only things to worry about are choosing a date for the prom and getting an even tan. Why couldn't life be that easy? (Insert sad face).

Then something happens that changes everything. Faced with an impossible choice, the bookstore of her dreams becomes a portal to a place of magic where Darcy finds herself relishing in a life of apparent simplicity. But there is something lurking beneath the glossy surface and all is not as it seems to be. And she soon finds out she isn't the only one keeping secrets.

Immersed in a world full of enviable friends and sordid secrets, of complicated brothers and mini-dramas, of emotional episodes and meltdowns - Darcy soon learns that what she once adored may not be all it's cracked up to be. Is she happy? And what exactly defines happiness? Is this what she wanted all along? The grass may not be greener over there after all.

Full of humor and heart, Page-Turner acts as a portent to the human soul. It's a coming of age story for those who have already come of age. You'll find yourself questioning your own motivations, for better or for worse.

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26. Januar
Nick Rossi