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Just to say Thank You for checking out this Book I want to give you a copy of my upcoming book Paleo Pantry: The Beginner's Guide to What Should and Should NOT be in Your Paleo Kitchen. 

In “Paleo Meats: Gluten Free Recipes for Mouthwateringly Succulent Paleo Beef, Pork, Lamb and Game Dishes” you’re about to discover how to break free of the protein doldrums and expand your culinary horizons to eat more like our Paleolithic ancestors.

I mean – they certainly didn’t exist on diet of Beef, Chicken, and Pork – which are about the only things you can find in every American grocery store!  That Protein Trinity was brought about first by ease of domestication then taken over the top by the corporate industrial food complex.

And with all of us (Vegans and Vegetarians excluded) chanting, “Meat, Meat, Man must eat!!!!” supply tended to drive demand rather than the other way around.

So while most of our meals have meat of some kind as the main event with a variety of sides, once you have explored your typical beef and pork roasts, steaks, stews and chops, with perhaps a stir-fry for the more adventurous, we find ourselves despairing over how boring our food really is?

Well despair no more fellow Paleoites – I am here to swoop in and save you from meaty drudgery and turn your meals from meh… to magnificent!!! 

Yes we’ll have sections on the standard Beef and Pork – with some delicious twists and some simple classics we all love, but where this book really shines is in something that is not often given the recognition it deserves.  Game meats are more readily available than ever and simply delicious when properly prepared. And let’s be honest, do you get more “paleo” than free ranging bison for dinner?

Game dishes have to be the quintessential caveman fare and something that is often overlooked in our modern world. So for those of you who are wild at heart, I have a delicious spread of game as well as your more traditional beef and pork. This book has a little something for every taste so get reading and enjoy!

Here Is a Preview of What You'll Learn...
How to prepare the most mouthwateringly marvelous meaty offerings, and where you can source some of the more “exotic” proteins.How to prepare classic beef in a variety of tasty ways (from the perfect Prime Rib that you can “dry age” in your fridge, to the more exotic Beef and Coconut Curry).How to make perfect pork every time (there’s no soggy crusted dried out fried pork chop on this menu!! Instead we have super succulent Hawaiian Kalua Pork and Spicy Pork Tenderloin to name a few).Roasting a Rack of Lamb, and turning out a classic Lamb Stew has never been so simple or so tasty!How to dazzle your family with delicious game dishes that don’t taste the least by “gamey” (like Venison Carpaccio, Bison Short Ribs, Braised Wild Boar Shanks, and Elmer Fudd’s Favorite – Bugs Bunny Stew!)And much much more!
To add a little variety to your carnivorous fare scroll up and grab a copy of Paleo Meats: Gluten Free Recipes for Mouthwateringly Succulent Paleo Beef, Pork, Lamb and Game Dishes”.  Your inner cave dweller will thank you!!

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