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This 10,000 word novella contains scenes of explicit sex and graphic language, and is recommended only for readers 18 years and older.

Since her husband Steven's untimely death, Stephanie has felt alone and without passion. But when she travels with her sister-in-law Ally, and Ally's husband Mark, to the cottage in Belize that she and Steven had purchased as a vacation home, she soon finds desire and lust arising in unusual circumstances, and with the people she least expected it to. Forbidden fruit tastes all the sweeter, and though she tries to resist, Stephanie will soon have to face the choice of selling the property and holding onto her grief, or giving into her sexual needs with a person who might destroy the most precious remaining part of her marriage: her friendship with her husband's little sister.

“Yes,” she whispered, and she leaned in, kissing him, her heart jackhammering in her chest as she felt his soft lips brush over hers.

He kissed back, and their tongues met in her mouth, before he pulled away again, searching her face. “Stephanie, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this here.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry Mark. It must have been the bump on the head, really, I was… was thinking of Steven and suddenly there you were… I’m so sorry… really…” She stopped stammering and lowered her head, feeling the flush of her arousal and hoping he thought it was embarrassment.

“I meant maybe we should go into the bedroom so we won’t be interrupted. The grounds keeper is supposed to be stopping by later to tidy up the yard. Let’s face it, Stephanie, I’ve seen how you look at me, I know you want what I have."

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22. September
Virginia Flowers

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