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This unique volume captures the content of the XXXth International Workshop on High Energy Physics. The scope of this volume is much wider than just high-energy physics; it actually concerns and includes materials from all the most fundamental areas of modern physics research: high-energy physics proper, gravitation and cosmology. Presentations embrace both theory and experiment.Contents: Search for the Higgs Boson at LEP and at LHC (Dezső Horváth) Standard Model Physics Results from ATLAS and CMS (Milos Dordevic) Top Quark Physics in ATLAS (Carolina Gabaldon) Panel Discussion I: Higgs Boson and Related Topics (Dmitri Kazakov, Dezso Horvath, Lydia Roos, Milos Dordevic, Yury Kolomensky and Maxim Titov) SUSY Searches at CMS (Pedrame Bargassa) Exotica Searches (Daniel Teyssier) SUSY and Exotica Searches in ATLAS (R Stamen) Rare Decays at the LHCb Experiment (L Pescatore) Electroweak Processes in Laser-Boosted Lepton Collisions (S J Müller, C H Keitel and C Müller) Backgrounds and Calorimetry at Future Linear e+e- Colliders (O Markin) Status of Fast Interaction Trigger for ALICE Upgrade (T L Karavicheva, A B Kurepin and W H Trzaska) TOTEM Results on Elastic Scattering and Total Cross-Section (Jan Kašpar) Diffractive Physics with ATLAS (A Sidoti) Diffraction Physics with ALICE at the LHC (Sergey Evdokimov) Low x and Diffraction at HERA (Alice Valkárová) Vector Meson Production in Ultra-Peripheral Collisions at the LHC (L Jenkovszky, A Salii and V Libov) The Interaction Region of High Energy Protons (I M Dremin) Panel Discussion II: Diffraction (Vladimir Petrov, Johan Blouw, Igor Dremin, Jan Kaspar, Antonio Sidoti and Alice Valkarova) QCD Results from ATLAS and CMS (M Leyton) Perturbative QCD at HERA (L K Gladilin) Probing the QCD Phase Boundary with Fluctuations of Conserved Charges (Kenji Morita) Exotic Hadron States (Wei Chen, J Ho, T G Steele, R T Kleiv, B Bulthuis, D Harnett, T Richards and Shi-Lin Zhu) Recent Results of the BES-III Experiment (Yury Nefedov) Baryon Spectroscopy from the Analysis of the Meson Photoproduction Data (A V Sarantsev) Panel Discussion III: Heavy Quarks and Hadron Spectroscopy (Yury Khokhlov, Wei Chen, Andrey Sarantsev, Anatoly Likhoded, Yury Nefedov and Yury Kolomensky) How Far Can a Pragmatist Go into Quantum Theory? A Critical View of Our Current Understanding of Quantum Phenomena (A S Sanz) Half a Century with QUARKS (A Superficial Review) (V A Petrov) Direct Photon and Neutral Pion Production in pp and Pb–Pb Collisions Measured with the ALICE Experiment at LHC (D Peressounko) Strongly Interacting Matter at RHIC: Experimental Highlights (V A Okorokov) Suppression of high pT Hadrons at Midrapidity in Central Heavy Ion Collisions from PHENIX (V Bumazhnov) Origin of Temperature of Quark-Gluon Plasma in Heavy Ion Collisions (Xiao-Ming Xu) Panel Discussion IV: Phenomena in Heavy Ion Collisions (Serguei Sadovsky, Johan Blouw, Vitaly Okorokov, Vladimir Bumazhnov, Xiao-Ming Xu and Dmitri Peresunko) CP Violation Measurements at the LHCb Experiment (L Pescatore) Physics at Belle Experiment (M M Shapkin) Nonzero θ13 and CP Violation from Broken μ – τ Symmetry with m1 = 0 (Asan Damanik) The Hyper-Kamiokande Project (Akira Konaka) Supernova Detection at Super-Kamiokande (M Ikeda) Recent Results of OPERA: Search for νμ → ντ Oscillations (T Omura) Search for νμ → νe Oscillations with the OPERA Experiment (S G Zemskova) Search for Heavy Neutrino in the K+ → μ+νH Decay (A T Shaikhiev) NOνA Neutrino Experiment (Filip Jediny) The Flavor Ratio of the TeV-PeV Neutrinos in IceCube (Sergio Palomares-Ruiz) Panel Discussion V: Neutrino Physics (Vladimir Obraztsov, Akira Konaka, Motoyasu Ikeda, Filip Jediny, Evgeny Shirokov, Oleg Kalekin and Sergio Palomares-Ruiz) The Pierre Auger Observatory: Latest Results and Future Prospects (F Arqueros) Measurement of the Muon Content of EAS with the Pierre Auger Observatory (J C Espadanal) Cosmic-Ray Research with AMS-02 on the International Space Station (H Gast) Panel Discussion...

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