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Did you ever wonder what happened to Britain's saucy seaside postcards? They are alive and well and living in Pattaya, Thailand. Far naughtier than Brighton, Michael J. Baird has been producing this homage to our cultural past in the sin city itself, Pattaya. In this book Mike takes another look at Pattaya's transvestite community and its foreign customers.

The Pattaya Mail has been printing Mike’s cartoons in their newspaper every week in black & white for the last 15 years under the pen name of M.J.B. Mike has built up a huge fan club who look forward to seeing what has sparked him off each week.

What others are saying

What Mike Baird has done is to be able to see the funny side of life, while at the same time, make a social commentary upon it. This is what makes his cartoons so good ñ incisive wit. Lang Reid - Pattaya Mail

The drawings in this book illustrate the many side’s and abilities of the author to make you smile. It’s best to buy the book and let the pictures speak for themselves. Great bedtime or beach perusal reading. Barry Kenyon - Pattaya Today

Each Week I turn to with anticipation the Cartoons ‘Life in Fun City’ by M.J.B. He possesses a Rare Talent of being an Artist and capturing the Flavor of ‘FUN CITY’ almost beyond comparison. His weekly renderings are Humorous and to the point. I identify with everything he does. Fred Huff - Fan from Pattaya Mail

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