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It's the first of the month, and the rent is due, but roommates Jenny and Claire are broke. They need to make money quick, and their only option is David , his porn website, and his cameras. But just pictures isn't enough - he wants the two of them on film, having lesbian sex! This sizzling 3700 short story contains the first time lesbian experience of two sexy friends licking, sucking, and fingering each other for the cameras - it's bound to turn up the heat!

Claire sat up. “Okay, then. How do we get more money?” she asked with a determined tone in her voice.

“How are you at poker?” I asked. She laughed. “I always win whenever I play strip poker, but when I say ‘win’, I mean ‘end up naked’, so that’s probably not the right answer.” I laughed. Claire had a well-earned reputation for being slutty. If only we could make money off of that, I wondered.

“What we need is a sugar daddy,” I joked. Claire laughed along with me, but then she stopped, and her eyes grew wide. She had an idea. I paused for a moment.

“Jenny, that’s it!” she exclaimed, then popped open her phone and began rapidly texting someone, her fingers a blur of taps and clicks.
It took me a while to piece together what was happening. “Wait, what are you talking about?” I asked nervously. She continued to text as she replied.

“You know David, right? Lives a floor above us, we met him at Karen’s party a few months ago.” I wracked my brain, and came up with a mental image of a cocky young man with spiky blonde hair. I nodded. “So I’ve talked to him a couple times, and he told me that he runs a porn website. He takes pictures and videos of girls having sex, and then sells them online. He offered me money to be in one of his videos once – I blew him off then, but maybe the offer’s still on the table.”

My jaw dropped. “But, I don’t want to have sex with him!” I exclaimed.

“No no no, we wouldn’t have to screw him. He shoots girls just masturbating, too.”

I could see why this plan appealed to Claire. She had the personality for porn, and the body as well. She was short, with a tiny frame and small breasts, but beautiful facial features and long, stark black hair. She loved showing off her long, toned legs in the shortest skirts she could manage. I was straight, but even I had to admit that she was smoking hot.

Me, on the other hand? I liked my body well enough, but it certainly wasn’t a porn starlet’s body. I didn’t make it to the gym every day like Claire, and I was tall, taller than most of the men I dated even, but at least I had a full bust. And body aside, I certainly didn’t have any of Claire’s exhibitionist tendencies.

“Are you serious?” I asked. She walked over and knelt next to me. “Trust me. We’ll make our rent money easy, and it’ll be fun too!”

Claire had a knack for talking me into doing crazy things with her. That must be why I was even considering it. “But, do you think I can do this?” I stammered. “I mean, you, obviously…” I gestured up and down at her figure. “But me?”

Claire laughed and reached up to grab my breasts. “You? Look. At. These!” she said, punctuating each word by bouncing my tits together. I felt a tingling between my legs as she groped me. “Who wouldn’t want to see these beauties?”

I opened my mouth to protest, but before I could say anything, there was a knock at the front door. Claire sprang up and dashed out into the living room. I heard her open the front door, and greet someone excitedly. By the time I stood up to see who it was, Claire had already dragged David back to my bedroom, rushing past me as she entered. She sat down on the corner of the bed again in a single fluid motion, leaning forward to show off the deep cut of her shirt.

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Justine Snowe

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