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It is a big leap to make travel plans to Peru.  Despite what it appears to be in size on the entire South American map, Peru is a big country!  Travelling from one destination to the next requires planning, sometimes at least a couple months in advance.  When you arrive, making your way from one place to the next might take planning some extra details with another added detail of just having simple patience.  In saying this, it is not to intimidate you from travelling to Peru, but it is highly encouraged!

Throughout your travels you are not only going to learn about ancient civilizations, culture, language and more, but you will learn more about yourself.  You do not have to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to learn more about what you can sustain physically or mentally, though you definitely will if you travel that route.  You can learn about yourself in any part of Peru.  You can travel as far as Africa to see the beginnings of mankind and the start of culture, language and arts, but it can be found in Peru as well in hundreds if not thousands of sites throughout the entire land. 

For outdoor lovers who want to escape civilization in a remote mountain destination with the bonus of entering one completely different from their own, you come to Peru.  Here you can travel and follow in the footsteps of millions of peoples before you from over a millenia ago and even further back.  If higher altitude adventure does not thrill you, you can visit numerous cultural and urban centers.  Bring your sense of wonder and adventure!  Oh, did we already say that?

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22. August
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