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This compilation of books are all clean Cozy Mystery short stories that do not contain any foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events. 

Book One - Fowl Play

Being a single woman owning and operating the only pet store in town can get pretty lonely. After a rough day at the shop, Leah decided she could use some human interaction and good conversation with some friends. After closing the shop for the day she met some friends at the local restaurant. The following morning after her fun night out with friends, Sheriff Burt shows up at her store with an animal emergency.

Could the emergency be related to a murder?

Book Two - No Bones About It

Circumstances from a recent murder in Smithton left Leah with a newly adopted dog of her very own. The following weekend there was a local fishing tournament being held at a nearby lake. The weather was so nice she decided to take her new dog Baby out for a walk near the lake. Leah stopped for just a second to take in the fresh air and scenery when suddenly she slipped and fell into the water. When she fell, she lost her grip on Baby's leash allowing the dog to quickly escape into the nearby woods. 

When Leah finds her dog Baby, will she find more than she bargained for?

Book Three - Fishy Business

As a single woman operating the only pet store in her small town, Leah decided it might time to expand her business. While visiting with some friends at the new local bar Leah announced that she was opening up a new pet sitting service. She landed her first client in just a matter of minutes. 

Although getting her first new client for the pet sitting business was a breeze, will her new venture turn into a murder mystery?

Book Four - A Hairy Situation

Leah's friend Brandy is getting married. Leah and the other bridesmaids agree to help Brandy shop for her wedding dress and their bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming wedding.

Will shopping for a wedding dress turn deadly?

Book Five - Dangerous Creatures

On Friday night Leah's next door neighbor suddenly shows up on her doorstep in a drunken rage accusing Leah of hitting his mailbox with her car. He tells her that he doesn't want her back on his property again or he'll call the cops.

The following day Leah and her friend Officer Tillman were at the local town square Farmers Market looking for homemade treats for their pets when Officer Tillman was suddenly called back to work. Officer Tillman told Leah they had found a body in her neighborhood.

Will the body turn out to be one of her neighbors?

Book Six - A Vacation To Die For

Leah decided to take week off from the Pet Palace to go and visit her parents in Florida. Katie is out of school for the summer and can run the store while she's gone. Baby loves to ride in the car and it would be a great change of scenery for them both.

What could possibly happen in a sleepy old retirement community in Florida?

Krimis und Thriller
9. April
99 Cent Press

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