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This is not your ordinary tale of men dominating or training women as slaves, but the story of women being skillfully manipulated by a man and governed by their own masochistic needs.

Ellen and Diane are competing florists and landscapers in a small town, each of them using their business facilities for BDSM lifestyle related practices, where they confine and torment a series of friends and slaves.

Bob Ames, a local contractor and occasional practitioner of the BDSM arts, meets the eye-catching Ellen in the marketplace. After going to dinner that night, she takes him home and introduces him to her fascinating house and its elaborately equipped BDSM dungeons. A self-recognized lesbian, Ellen introduces Bob to her live-in friends, the confirmed masochist, Duet Tome, the stunning, cosmopolitan Monica, and a number of other men and women who visit or live at the country farm and estate.

Most of the time, Ellen is definitely a dominant personality, but after meeting Bob, she entices him to top her, and her girlfriends. Hot and sexy scenes abound as this company of Doms and subs enjoy all the kinky fun the estate provides in its diabolical cellars. However, when Diane, Ellen’s bitter enemy and competitor, is abducted, things really heat up. Her former, much-abused personal slaves intend to get even.

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8. Juli
Pink Flamingo Media LLC

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