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Welcome to Port Hope Simpson a historic logging town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada located on the south side of the Alexis, an excellent salmon river in southern Labrador, Canada. It was initially founded in 1934 as a logging camp and was named after the English Commissioner of Natural Resources and Acting-Commissioner of Justice, Sir John Hope Simpson. This community has great natural assets nearby. Shinneys Water Complex makes up 2,500 square kilometres of over 1000 islands rising dramatically above sea level. These protected waters are ideal for all types of boating. The Labrador Coastal Drive, Route 510 is the southern driving route through this rugged and pristine region of Labrador, Canada. Come here to discover a pure land on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. Explore in the footsteps of ancient mariners, and the Native Americans who long preceded them. Meet today's residents and experience our heritage and the traditions that tie us to this place. A full range of quality visitor services are ready to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. (Labrador Coastal Drive)

The Foundation of Port Hope Simpson as a Logging Town…p.1
Early Life of John Osborn Williams, owner of the Labrador Development Company Ltd…p.3
Port Hope Simpson’s early economic development…p.3
Let the celebrations begin!...p.4
Unsustainable early industrialization of the local forests...p.13
Housing shortage...p.17
Wages too low and often paid late…p.21
What was going on behind the scenes...p.24
Established facts about the tragedy in the early hours of 3 February 1940
- the basis upon which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (R.C.M.P.)
Serious Crimes Unit, St. John's, Newfoundland decided to open-up their
own investigation in August 2002 into what really happened...p.34
Port Hope Simpson’s sustainable development today …p.35

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