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Sometimes One Bag of Potato Chips is just not Enough

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Potato Chips for the Soul: A Second Bag.

“Whimsical, humorous, prophetic, just a few of the adjectives that describe Cunningham’s second swipe at turning his observations on life into lessons about life. Not only are his 103 chapters brief and readable, they’re sermons minus the preaching.”—Lee Coppola, dean of St. Bonaventure’s journalism school (1996 to 2011), Honoree into the Buffalo Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame

“You know what they say about potato chips…it’s hard to eat just one. The same goes for this book. More slices of life and learning make this collection another must-read for everyone.”—Brian Higgins, U.S. Representative for New York’s 26th congressional district

“Brendan has that unique ability to take the smallest detail, the seemingly most insignificant element and weave a tale that entertains and enlightens. His stories go down easily like a cold margarita on a sun-blasted day at the beach.”—Monish Bhattacharyya, Actor, Director, Fellow Bon Vivant

“…. impressive with the gifted uniqueness of making a lasting
Impression…A fantastically witty and meaningful book!”—Gary Occhino, PGA Director of Instruction & Certified Performance Coach

“…a pleasure to read. Sometimes tricky, sometimes cavalier, always with lots of truth showing a great love for writing and in one word: BRILLIANT.”—William F. Higgins, U.S. Marine, Realtor Associate of the Year (2015), Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors

. “…a fabulously entertaining read! Cheers to Brendan Cunningham on capturing real life moments with incredible humor, warmth and honesty. The diverse stories keep one eagerly anticipating the next and wishing there were more!”—Catherine Burkhart, Board of Directors member American Repertory Theater of WNY (2018)

“Brendan always reminds us, through stories and journeys, that life is simple and to enjoy each day, every song and all the gifts—especially potato chips.”—Tom McDonnell, owner of Dog Ears Bookstore

“An amazing storyteller shares his life’s wisdom, brimming with humor through another bag of an addictive snack…. You might agree or passionately disagree, but you will crave for more."—Nonna Gerikh, author of MAGIC IN MAUVE

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