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SCREW THE CHICKEN SOUP, THROW ME SOME POTATO CHIPS. EVERYTHING YOU WERE THINKING BUT WERE AFRAID TO SAY. An easy and fun read book, Potato Chips for the Soul is a tongue and cheek version of those heart warming little stories one reads in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Chicken soup is supposed to be really good for you but potato chips are so much more fun to eat and once you start you can’t really stop. Can you? The 102 “quick-read” stories are in this same vein. Read one in five minutes, and you’re likely going to want to read another. It’s hard to stop. “...great stories that will amuse and entertain the reader, all the while conveying important messages worthy of personal reflection.”—U.S. Representative Brian Higgins (NY). Brendan Cunningham's signature wit and multi-barbed sarcasm lead his readers through a tickling gauntlet of the unexpected to discover a deliciously twisted new frontier.”—Kurt Schneiderman, Artistic Director, Subversive Theatre. "Cunningham mixes mirth and message to create a powerful concoction of personal wisdom for everyday living."—Michael Olear, M.S.W. “... a virtual snack bag of stories, anecdotes, and memories that offer life-lessons and inspire introspection, reflection, and out-loud laughter ....”—Gary Earl Ross, Playwright & Professor Emeritus University at Buffalo EOC, author of Blackbird Rising, The Mark of Cain & Nickel City Blues (forthcoming). “Potato Chips for the Soul is a wise and witty take on the day to day confusion we all experience. This is a must read.”—Saul Elkin, PhD Artistic Director, Shakespeare in Delaware Park. “... an easy-to-read journey through more than 100 everyday experiences ... It’s a handy, light-hearted reference guide to such life lessons as keeping the boss happy; the risky business of tattoos; navigating through the precarious world of discussing religion and politics...; and, of course, the importance of history.”—Robert Lowell Goller, East Aurora, Town Historian, East Aurora, NY. "Cunningham's Potato Chips for the Soul is an enjoyable read that is filled with wisdom and laughter for today’s lessons in life. This is must read. You will not be disappointed"—Sharon L. Ciminelli, President 2016 Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors. "Potato Chips for the Soul is Inspiring, Educational, Addictive and Enjoyable from the first to the last chip. Boost of fresh energy, full-colored rainbow of emotions from tears to laughter, filled with universal wisdom is Cunningham's gift for balanced life to every reader.”—Nonna Gerikh, Certified Feng Shui Consultant.

10. August
Brendan J. Cunningham

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