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Love and War share an absence of fair play, with many similarities, particularly thrilling victories, and catastrophic defeats. Winners laugh, losers cry bitter tears, lick their wounds, often repeating the same damnfool mistakes over and over. The Battle of the Sexes can be won. Our materiel will help you to know yourself, and to understand the opposite sex (and, WOW, are they ever "opposite"), thereby preparing you to start winning, and avoid the pain and sorrow/loss of defeat. The pitfalls and pratfalls of sexual relationships are clearly described (and they all are, aren't they?). Review the Table of Contents: most individual sections are worth the entire price of the book. Have some belly laughs; if you don't, you're hopeless,and probably should avoid any further contact with human beings. One author has a prominent role, one is quite talented, one is very nice, and then there is Noah, whom the others accuse of being a misogynist, where actually, he is a misanthropist; he feels that all of you are miserable jackasses. Our material is not PC, definitely not for the faint of heart, filled with dirty words, jokes, and limericks to help/force you to understand the battle and how it can be won, for there are many victims and casualties (Listen to/see Miranda Lambert's "Tin Man"). We tell you how to "know" the opposite sex, and make a stab at "seeing yourself as others see you", often a brutal awakening. The drawings alone are worth the price. Laugh at the jokes and learn from the quotes. The dirty Limericks are priceless.

4. September
Noah Holder