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Pretty young Kerani thought her life was over when Yama brutally murdered her gentle husband and sought to claim her as his newest concubine. Little did she know that an exotic stranger would invade her hidden sanctuary…and introduce her to the most incredible sexual pleasure she’d ever experienced! ~~ Book 2 of “Preacher’s Harem” ~~

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Several exotic pale-skinned women were kneeling at the water’s edge, giggling and splashing each other while they babbled in a melodic foreign language. Three of them were obviously heavy with child; their bellies bulged in enormous arcs. The others were helping them bathe, and filling supple skins with the fresh, cool water.
Kerani knew the language of each neighboring tribe; these women must have come from very far away. Who were they, and why were they wandering through these hills without a protective escort?

The longing to mingle with them and enjoy the sheer delight of feminine companionship was nearly overwhelming. But Kerani warily held back. They might have been sent to lure her out. Yama would do anything to capture her and make her his concubine.

Suddenly she gasped in surprise. A pale-skinned man had joined the women! He was tall, muscular. Attractive, too, with piercing dark eyes and windblown ebony hair. Kerani felt heat arrow right down into her belly and quiver there like bubbling lava as he lightly touched one woman’s shoulder, then another.

If he spoke, it was too softly for her to hear. But the women courteously made way for him, and stood back while he drank his fill. Then they gathered around him and began to stroke his face and chest. It must have been some kind of ritual, because he planted his feet firmly in the shifting sand and stretched his arms wide as if to embrace them all.

Kerani curiously watched as they efficiently stripped away his clothes, and laid them neatly to one side. His body was magnificent! Even from her hidden vantage, she could see muscles rippling beneath his lightly tanned skin. His broad shoulders and lean hips made her mouth water.

When the women had finished easing off his worn deerskin tunic and trousers, they quickly disrobed. Between them, they ranged from coal-black to milky-white, full-figured to subtly curved, blondes to redheads to brunettes. Their skin and hair colors fascinated her; she had never seen people who looked so different from her own small tribe!

He paused a moment to smile at their eager upturned faces. Then he pointed to the busty girl with golden curls. Delight transformed her elfin features. Obediently she dropped to her knees, and began to caress his…

This time when Kerani gasped, it was in stunned amazement. Who was this amazing man who was built like a fabled god, and could command the devotion of so many eager women? All of them, even the pregnant ones, were passionately kissing and fondling him!

She knew it was wrong to spy on them, but she simply couldn’t tear her rapt gaze from the provocative sight. She’d lived without a man’s erotic touch for nearly two years; now ravenous hunger began to pound through her own veins.

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