Pretty Boy Anthology

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All 5 books of the Pretty Boy series for one low price! Five rough and reluctant tales of man on man sex that run the range from first time experiences to bondage, impromptu group get togethers, interracial throw downs, unexpected romance, and more. Includes: Pretty Boy, Goldilocks & The 3 Bears, Celebrity Escort Sex, Reluctant Confessions, and Gay Happily Ever After?

Taylor Berry wasn't a slutty twink; he was just willing to do whatever it takes to make it in life. All he ever wanted was to find a guy who cared enough about his feelings to at least pretend like he cared. Make Taylor yours, and cheer him on through his trials and tribulations.

Pretty Boy: How can Taylor save his Nana's house from foreclosure? His fiancé’s daddy; Mr. Burke could probably help. He did work at the bank, after all. And certainly being engaged to marry his daughter should count for something. How far would Taylor go to save Nana's house?

Goldilocks & The 3 Bears: Young Taylor goes straight to the bank manager, Old Ned, determined to do whatever it takes to save his grandmother's house from foreclosure. However, Old Ned plans on making Taylor the main attraction at his Pagan fornication party. Old Ned and his hairy buddies agree that Taylor, with his pretty-boy good looks, smooth skin, and curly golden hair is a perfect fit...just right for a good time!

Gay Celebrity Sex: Taylor Berry gets ready to take the stage on his first night as a stripper at the Boys R Us male review club in Denver when a well known Hollywood celebrity request the "services" of him, and his childhood friend Matt back at his hotel room. Graphic descriptions of man on man gay group sex.

Reluctant Confessions: Taylor returns to his small town for some rest and relaxation after spending the summer working hard in the big city. However, he quickly finds himself in the unholy hands of dirty old Pastor Schaaft who found out about his summer job at a gay bar and insist that he, "atones" for all of his depraved sins during a private confession in his rectory apartment. Taylor quickly finds out what it means to be a bottom boy!

Gay Happily Ever After?: This fifth and final installment in the Pretty Boy series, finds our handsome, but romantically disillusioned hero Taylor Berry, searching for a bit of romance in Maui when he comes across the very rich, and very charming Tanner Kade. But what, or who was Kade hiding in his basement dungeon? And would Taylor ever make it out alive?

Warning: Graphic descriptions of kinky man on man sex, not for the easily offended.

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2. Juli
K.B. Stevens

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