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Hugo arrived promptly at three. I smiled to conceal my dread of his formidable bulk. It didn’t help that all I had on was a thin latex outfit above my hips and almost nothing covering below my pelvis.

Hugo was dressed in suit and tie, elegantly tailored to downplay his girth. His head was as round, even larger as the rest of him, but he was handsome and smiled at me pleasantly. His hair was a mix of brown and grey. I guessed that he was in his early fifties.

Hugo took his wallet out from his jacket pocket. His jacket had barely moved when his hand had slid inside. That’s what you get when you pay $1,000 for a suit! “Miss Vicki said that you would charge me five hundred for the initial session?” he asked.

Moments later, when he emerged from the change room, Hugo was nude except for a small brief and a neck-tie draped around his neck. He knelt in front of me and extended the end of his tie towards me.

“Stand up,” I told him. When he did, I wished I’d left him kneeling. He was a foot and a half taller than I was and almost twice as wide. Certainly he weighed at least twice as much as I did. But I managed to continue, “And keep your tie to yourself. I have yet to accept you into my service.” Vicki had been right—he could easily snap me in two!

Hugo nodded and bowed, his eyes to the floor. I had to restrain myself from heaving a sigh of relief.

“Look at me,” I demanded. In a heartbeat, I’d know who was going to be dominating whom…

Now part of Mistress Megan's Memoirs!

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25. Dezember
Jason Pinaster

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