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Do you feel like time is never enough? Do you find yourself often working overtime but still being unable to complete your daily tasks? Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos of your life?

We live in a workaholic world where everyone of us is pushed to the limit, everyone is required to always do more, and more is never enough. If you focus on mere amount of work instead of its effectiveness, you are creating with your own hands the stressful and self-destructive environment you are experiencing now.

If that is the way you feel then, don't blame the world, but your mindset. Productivity is not about getting more things done, it's about getting the right things done. You can still overcome this painful condition by rethinking yourself and curbing bad habits that restrain your potential.

With this book you will learn how to:

Be more productive using the correct method

Stop being a people-pleaser and halt expectation to ruin your workflow

Avoid working overtime using correct planning

Create super effective to-do lists

Recognize and eliminate unnecessary tasks

Identify and avoid procrastination

Never reach the boiling point

Stop being a perfectionist and a control freak

Wipe out distractions

So you can finally:

Find more time for yourself and your personal life

Release stress and anxiety

Improve your self-esteem

Rebuild your positive thinking

We all get the same 24 hours in a day, so why do you think your time is not enough? If nobody can rely on more time than that, why are you struggling when others are not? Stop blaming the world and stop making excuses for yourself.

Improving your productivity is based on using your time effectively and finally accepting the fact that you create your life and you are not just reacting to it.

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15. Oktober
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