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In this day and age everybody has to deal with projects in some way; as a principal, customer, project manager or team member. And everybody has mainly one goal: how can we make the project more successful? Unknown project traps are often the death of many projects that were initially approached with the highest level of commitment and passion. The results are waste of time, disagreement in the enterprise, above average fluctuation and in the end failure of project goals and frustration.

Initial excitement for a project is often quickly followed by some sort of disillusionment: the commitment declines, resources get scarce and time is running by. But most of the times the traps that project managers and teams encounter are the same.
Klaus Tumuscheit shows ways to cope with those returning traps and how you can master your project successfully.

The book includes a field guide and solutions that show you step by step how you can avoid those common traps and make the project a success.

The author shows based on his thirty years of experience in project management ten project traps which can have serious consequences for a company and how to avoid them. He describes vividly how project sabotage, budget cuttings and the delay of decisions threaten the project goal and how project managers can protect their work.

This book is a realistic practice report for everybody involved with projects.

Klaus Tumuscheit is one of the most prominent experts for project management in Germany. Since 1990 he is the managing director of his own management consultancy; he advises and trains leading international companies in all questions regarding project management.
His books were bestsellers in Germany and made it to the top 10 bestseller list of the Financial Times Germany and numerous other German financial newspapers. He sold more than 60.000 copies and his work has been critically acclaimed.

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29. April
Klaus Tumuscheit