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It's not a dream, Mr. Carelli is sexy, rich, caring and the devil. Fall in love, fall in danger.
Tess Williams is a hard-working single mother who has finally gotten a lucky break, snagging a job at the Golden Club, owned by Mr. Carelli, a very wealthy and connected entrepreneur. She catches his eyes and a passionate romance begins to blossoms between them but there's one unseen dilemma! It will turn her life upside-down, plunging her deep into the belly of danger. 
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"Tess, Mr Carelli wants to see you in his office." Mack leaned against my locker with his arms folded. I couldn't figure out the look on his face.
I felt the blood drain from my face. "Oh…" I said as I grabbed my handbag and put it back in my locker. "Okay."
"Don't worry. You're not in trouble." He said with a grin.
"You sure?" I said with more than a hint of uncertainty.
"Yep. He just wants to talk to you about something."
"He didn't say what it was about, did he?" I said softly, closing the door to my locker and turning the combination lock.
"Nope, just that he was eager to talk to you." Mack stood upright, returning to his impressive 6'5 height, towering above my petite 5'9. "Don't look so worried, if the boss wanted you gone, Gina would have told you." I nodded and we left the locker room. Mack took me up to an elevator hidden behind a curtain and punched in a security card into the reader. I noticed that there were no buttons for the floors, only the emergency telephone, door close and emergency stop buttons adorned the panel. I got even more nervous as the lift doors closed and the car ascended to the top of the building. The penthouse and Mr Carelli's offices.
The elevator stopped and we got out. The floor was breathtakingly decorated. Black marble with gold inlays between the blocks and black marble a quarter of the way up the walls gave the place a look of dark luxury. I took in the beauty of the décor, ferns hung on the walls interspersed with the lighting sconces of frosted glass. Mack led me down the entry hall to a mahogany door where he knocked twice before he entered.
Sal was sitting behind a desk doing paperwork. He smiled warmly as Mack ushered me in.
"Tessa." He said warmly as he stood up and walked around the desk to greet me. I took his hand. He surprised me by kissing the knuckles instead of shaking my hand like I expected. I felt my cheeks flush with red as I blushed. No man had ever kissed my hand before.
"That will be all thank you Mack." Sal said. He kept a hold of my hand and escorted me to a leather couch, he made sure I was comfortable before he offered me a drink. I smiled a little at the role reversal.
"So, Tessa." He began, saying my name like he was sampling a fine wine.
"Please, just Tess. Mr Carelli."
"Tell you what." He said, turning from the whiskey he was pouring himself and the Coca-Cola that I had asked for. "Call me Sal, and I'll call you Tess." He smiled as I nodded and he finished pouring his whiskey.
He handed me my drink, his fingers brushing mine for a heart-stopping moment. "To a new opportunity." He said, toasting with his whiskey. I raised my glass with him and we drank. His eyes never left mine from over the rim of his glass.
"You're probably wondering why I asked to see you tonight." He began. I nodded, my nerves fluttering around my body like crazy.
"Yes, I am Mr… I mean, Sal. I'm curious."
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27. September
Contemporary Romance

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