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What happens when a gorgeous billionaire groom falls for his timid wedding planner?

What happens when a dungeon, whips, clamps, blindfolds, & strangers are involved?

Read more to find out...

Recipe for Pleasure Punishment:

Take one gorgeous billionaire groom and one unhappy cheating bridezilla.

Mix one explosive encounter with a timid wedding planner caught in the middle.

Preheat steamy pleasures to scorching ecstasy.

Bring to dungeon and strip.

Tie with ropes, attach clamps, and whip to submission.


Leave to simmer before inviting guests to share.

Sprinkle euphoria.

Serve happily-ever-after with a side of bondage.

A Taste:

I squirmed and pulled against the manacles holding my arms above my head. Moving was impossible. My toes were barely touching the cold porcelain floor and everything I did only made the knotted ropes dig deeper into the throbbing folds between my legs. Wetness seeped out of me.

"Sir?" I tried to voice out, but the open mouth gag made it sound more like  a whimpered "Ahh?". My voice echoed in the room nevertheless and as the silence dragged on, I worried that he had left me before finishing what he started. The tight coil inside me yearned for the release that only he was capable of giving me. The blindfold stole my sight, heightening my other senses and increasing my agitation and anxiety. I didn't know what to expect.

"Just a moment," his deep voice vibrated through the room, curling and wrapping itself around me like tendrils. Little shivers of pleasure coursed through my spine. I knew I could trust him with everything, even my bound, aroused body in the dungeon. "I'm just going to go get a few friends to join us..."

And suddenly I was squirming and writhing again.

This standalone short contains steamy bondage, rough encounters, exhibitionism & voyeurism, & spankings.

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Malory Chambers

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