Quit Talking, Start Doing! Motivate Yourself When No One Else Can Get Over Procrastination and Boost Productivity towards Success

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Procrastination is a big daily problem for many or most of us. It is the feeling that you know you should do something but you don't do it. You know you should go to the gym, but you stay at home and watch TV. You know that it's time to do the homework, but you went online and check Facebook. You know you should make a business plan today, but you decide to do it tomorrow.

These constant distractions in our life makes our focus very difficult to maintain. Distraction from work, home, friends and other events constantly compete for our attention and time. It takes time to stay focused on achieving our goals yet it is so easy to fall flat in maintaining our momentum and persistence needed to achieve our goals. As a result, we give up and think that our goal is just impossible.

In this book, not only you will know why you always put things off, why you keep what you've been doing but also how to overcome procrastination. At the end of this book, you'll be able to change your ways to get things done, be more productive and achieve your goals.

I'm not a professional at any of this, just a lifelong procrastinator. I'm still in a battle with my own habits, but I have made some progress in the last few years. Now I'm writing my thoughts from what's worked for me and I hope that these simple steps might work for you too.

It's not that hard to stop procrastinating. The first step in overcoming any procrastination you face is to understand why you are procrastinating. Several reasons why we procrastinate will be shown in the following chapters.

After understanding why you are procrastinating, you should know how to constantly motivate yourself to get started in doing what you must without putting it off. More examples and tips will be given to get you started.

The real challenge is if you can keep going without putting off a task. You have to stay motivated and focused to finish it and get things done constantly. How to? Take Inspired Action.

-Just Get Started
-Plan your day ahead 
-Avoid Excuses 
-Focus on One task at a Time 
-Break Big Tasks into Smaller Pieces 
-Make it time-framed. Set deadlines. 
-Challenge Yourself 
-Aim Higher 
-Use Time Blocks 
-Avoid Distraction in the Middle of Doing a Certain Task 
-Have Daily Routines and Habits 
-Clean your house. Literally! 
-Generously reward yourself. 

We have a lot to cover. Let's get started!

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6. Juli
Kathy Collins

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