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(This is the exciting stand alone sequel and conclusion of the best selling Alien Sex Monster: Ravaged by the Rainbow. Enjoy an adults only story involving the head medicine man discovering an innocent Native American virgin and a mysterious tentacle monster in some of the most extreme erotic scenes you've read.) When the beautiful young Shakyo finished the secret Rainbow Way Ceremony with the women of her tribe she did not realize she has not attracted the attention of theYei--the Holy Spirits of her People--she has summoned an Inter-dimensional Nayee-a monstrous rainbow tentacle entity that hungers across the worlds for a maiden's innocence. 



It was the dark of the moon. As I grew closer I could see something that I first thought was a bush or a shrub that was moving in the wind. But there was no wind. My eyes grew wide and I realized this was no bush but was like a wad--a tangle of vines that seemed to be moving on their own. This must be some sort of witchcraft. No wonder a woman was singing to it. Blessed Yei--what harm was she seeking to bring to our community?

As I watched, it raised two of its thicker vines and slowly shook them in the night air. They had started to glow with a rainbow light.


I was excited to be in this human world again. I could smell a fertile female nearby. She must have been the one to Call me in her ignorance. When the worlds and times were right, all sorts of entities could summon us. I never knew what to expect. At times it would be a local equivalent of a priest or some other technician of the sacred. But most of the time it was just some fool who didn't know what they were doing. That was always the best. Entities who thought they knew what they were doing always had something in mind for my kind.

They'd demand three wishes or a way to rule over their fellow entities. They would draw circles or other geometric figures in the vain hope it would somehow control us.

Depending on how it might amuse us, we might go along with their beliefs. When we got tired of playing then we would get down to business. It was our destiny to share our seed with the lesser beings. Lesser beings who willingly invited us to come to them.

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22. Januar
Skye Eagleday

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