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It’s time to get REAL.

Think back to the last time you experienced a setback in your life. Were you up to the challenge?

Throughout our lives, we are confronted with unpredictable and unfortunate events both big and small. Whether you are faced with a family tragedy, unemployment, natural disaster, or any other life-altering event, the one thing you can control is whether or not you emerge from the situation stronger, and are able to thrive.

Kris Coleman, Red Five’s Founder, President and CEO, shares what it takes for you, your family, and your business to be ready for challenges to come – what it takes to be truly resilient. As an expert in cutting-edge security programs and as a former FBI Special Agent and CIA Officer, Coleman dives into the REAL system and how to foster:

• Personal Resilience

• Family Readiness

• Business Preparedness

Resiliency is achievable. Everyone has the power to change their lives to become more resilient. Coleman lights the way to get you there, and sparks key conversations that will help you attain self-reliance and more certainty in everyday life. Are you ready to get REAL?

About the Author

Kris Coleman serves as Founder, President and CEO of Red Five where he supports private families, family offices, corporations, and security teams with bespoke solutions to ensure their privacy, security, and resiliency.

Before founding Red Five, Coleman served as a CIA Officer where he conducted threat and vulnerability assessments and developed programmatic approaches to counter-terrorism and law enforcement for countries across the world. Coleman also served as an FBI Special Agent and a member of the FBI’s enhanced SWAT Team.

Coleman holds a B.S. in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas. With extensive experience providing state of the art security and protective intelligence services, he helps individuals be prepared and resilient through uncertain times and unexpected crises.

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