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3 Manuscripts in 1 Book, Including: How to Read Music, How to Play Chords and How to Play Scales!

Book 1)

How to Read Music: In 1 Day - The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Sheet Music Theory and Reading Musical Notation Today

Do you want to learn how to read music in 1 day?

Clefs, chords, tempo, staves, pitch, notes… Are these confusing words the reason you find learning music to be so difficult?

If so, “How to Read Music: In 1 Day” by Preston Hoffman is the book for you!

It will give you an introduction to the basics of reading music, explain all the confusing musical terms and give you a basic understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and notation and the elements of reading sheet music.

You will learn the following:

Fundamentals of music theory
Common practice part writing
Fundamentals of music notation
The evolution of staff notation
Elements of reading sheet music
Types of sheet music
Seven step-by-step exercises to help you learn how to read sheet music
And so much more!

Book 2)

How to Play Chords: In 1 Day - The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Chords, Piano Chords, and Ukulele Chords Today

Are you eager to learn some proper chords for your instrument, but don’t know where to start?

If so, “How to Play Chords: In 1 Day” by Preston Hoffman is the book for you!

This book will teach you the basic exercises that you need to not only understand chords but to play any song on the radio on any of these three instruments: ukulele, guitar, and piano. Learn not just about chords but about the instruments, how to read music, how songs are made, and the trick to being able to play thousands of songs!

You will learn the following:

What chords are and how they are the building blocks of songs
How to read chord music
How to play chords on all three instruments with ease
Dozens of songs to play and the chords they use
Tips for chord songwriting
Chord practice tips
And much more!

Book 3)

How to Play Scales: In 1 Day - The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Scales, Piano Scales and Ukulele Scales Today

Have you tried every possible tutorial that you could have found on the internet, but to no avail?

Have you tried hiring a professional tutor in order to learn how to play guitar, piano or ukulele scales?

There's no need to waste any more time, effort, or money - the "How to Play Scales: In 1 Day " has it all!

It contains clear and easily understandable guidelines, tutorials and exercises to help you master playing the scales in the least amount of time possible.

You will learn the following:

How to easily understand the theory behind playing the scales
An easy exercise on how to play your first scale within chords
A crucial short course on how to get a feeling for the music that is necessary in order to play or compose it
How to improvise, explained on a perfect blues example
Three different learning modes - exotic, classical and metal
Learning how to play the jazz scales, widely regarded as the hardest style
Finally, you'll learn how to effectively put all of this information together and utilize it in the future

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn how to read music. So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase your copy today.

Order “Read Music: In 1 Day” Now!

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