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This is an Insider's Handbook all about the career of Flying and Practical Steps on How to be a part of the aviation world. Enjoy a challenging career and Travel the world for free while you are at it!

This is a no-frills, straight to the point book sharing with you the truths, techniques and honest to goodness details on getting the job of a Flight Attendant.

Figure out where you stumbled on your last interview. Learn and Apply the 8 Proven Steps formulated and used by Miss Kaykrizz to Get her Dream Job after facing countless Rejections.

Take Charge of your Dream now and Be Ready for Take-off!

What you will Get on this Book?

- The 8 Proven Steps on How to Get your Dream Job as a Flight Attendant. 

-Silence out all your doubts and fears why you are not qualified for your dream career.

-Sample Resume 

-Sample Questions and Answers

-Interview Checklist, just to make sure you have covered everything before your interview

-How to Stand out among other applicants

-Finally figure out what you are doing wrong in your applications

-Prepare Mentally, Physically, Psychologically and Spiritually to change your career

-Know what you need to know about the airline industry and how can you be a part of it

-Know what to expect during the interview process

(Information in this book is based on author's 8 year journey to be an international flight attendant application experience with more than 10 different airline companies, and more than total 25 applications. She got the job as a flight attendant in her local country and eventually for an international airline and this book is her own personal guide on how she made it on her final attempts.)

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30. September
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